TCPTCP – Sketch Comedy Writing

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Our comedy writing classes focus on creating sketch comedy and are great for those wanting to be “behind the scenes”, but are highly recommended for actors as well.  This is your chance to learn in a safe, supportive environment that challenges everyone to be better. 

 Level One: Students learn the fundamentals unique to sketch comedy writing through the review and critique of each other’s work as well as learning the technical aspects of script writing.  

Level Two: Students build on their knowledge from Level One to “find their voice” and style. Much of the focus in Level Two will be on developing/collecting themes and ideas for scenes and the different theatrical forms available to approach the writing.

Level Three: Students are challenged to consider how their individual work fits into a full length show and learn to write towards the needs of a comprehensive show. The entire class will continue to refine their scripts through workshopping of their scenes. Individualized feedback is provided to challenge and grow the student’s range.

Level Four: Students will work on designing running orders, creating new content, participate in table reads and individualized feedback, while working as an ensemble and with fellow acting students to create a polished show.

March 2021 Class Schedule

  • Sketch Writing 2 Sundays Feb 28-April 11