Specialized Workshops

The Comedy Project’s RoboCorp facilitators are able to accomodate groups of all sizes! Team Workshops of 10-50 participants allow for the most interaction and group bonding. For larger groups, a more presentational style of workshop with breakout activities and optional performance add-ons is often a great solution. RoboCorp’s specialized workshops can stand alone or be mixed and matched to obtain the professional development experience your group seeks! The following are some of our most requested workshops/topics/services.

Team Building – Looking to bring your group closer? Our team building workshops are great for both new and existing teams to bond in a low stakes way. Using some of the basic tenets of improvisation-listening, supporting, and even failing-we’ll help bring your group closer through highly interactive games and exercises.

Public Speaking – Let the Comedy Project’s RoboCorp take the fear out of public speaking! Our facilitators tackle some of the biggest concerns when it comes to being presentational, including thinking on the fly, getting your message back on track, crafting a compelling story and voice strength.

Group Communication – Communication breakdowns are often at the heart of dissent and dissatisfaction in the workplace, yet we often get hung up on what went wrong instead of how to successfully move forward. This workshop gives your group the chance to practice active listening and positive response to reach successful and sometimes hilarious results.

Innovation – As improvisers we have a basic philosophy that everything is a gift. By embracing failure and encouraging bold choices, we can help develop an environment where an individual not only feels free to try new ideas, but an environment where others respond to those ideas as gifts to be supported and explored. This workshop will get your group in the mindset of thinking creatively to reach innovative solutions.

Event Hosting & Emcee Services – It may sound simple but at almost any event, one thing the audience truly needs to know is what’s going on and what’s coming up next. Having a host or pair of hosts from The Comedy Project will do just that while adding some customized comedy, and helping make sure everyone has a good time and everything stays on schedule. We can also assist with transitional videos and intro graphics as well as music and sound effects for your event.