TCPTCP – Improvisation

Our improv classes are a great way to get involved in The Comedy Project community, meet people and have fun! This is your chance to learn in a safe, supportive environment that challenges everyone to be better.

Level One: Students learn the fundamentals of improvisation in a playful, group environment. Students learn technical aspects of performing as well as the building blocks of improvisation including listening, agreement, making choices and working in an ensemble.

Level Two: Students build off the skills they learned from level one and apply them to different areas of improvisation including two person scenes, group scenes, complex short form games and moving into long form improvisation structures.

PREREQUISITE: Comedy Project’s Improv Level One or equivalent at another training institution

Level Three:  Students  concentrate on grounded scene work and playing the truth in scenes.  Individualized feedback is provided to challenge and grow the student’s range. 

PREREQUISITE: Comedy Project’s Improv Level Two

Level Four: Students explore various long form structures including The Comedy Project’s unique improvised form (Domo Arigato) while working as an ensemble to create a polished show. 

PREREQUISITE: Comedy Project’s Improv Level Three

Summer 2022 Registration is closed

Term Begins Sunday, July 10

Term Ends Sunday, Aug 28

Term is 8 weeks long (unless noted in class description)

SUNDAYS July 10, 17, 24, 31 / Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28


(Improv 1 will be offered again during the Fall session, which starts Oct. 2 with signup starting mid-Sept.)

Improv 2 – Sun. 1-3pm – Instructor Joe Anderson

Improv 3 – Sun. 1-3pm – Instructor Kristin Hirsch

Improv 4 – Sun. 6:30-8:30pm – Instructor Joe Anderson