Financial Assistance

Payment plans are available. Please email us at info@thecomedyproject.com if you would like us to set something up for you. We’d love to help.


TCPTCP offers partial and full need-based scholarships each term. We are looking for students with diverse backgrounds whose financial situation would make it difficult or impossible to study at TCPTCP otherwise. A minimum of 1 per scholarship category will be awarded each term. While an awarded scholarship is meant to cover just one class term, scholarship recipients and applicants are welcome to reapply as needed.

We accept applications year round.

Diversity in Comedy, Women in Comedy, and Plain Ol’ Broke Scholarships

We are currently offering the Diversity in Comedy Scholarship for anyone coming from an underrepresented and diverse background, the Women in Comedy scholarship for anyone who identifies as a woman, and the Plain Ol’ Broke Scholarship for anyone who is plain ol’ broke. Please fill out the application below to apply for one of these scholarships.

100 Black Improvisers Scholarship

New for 2021! We are proud to partner with the Black Improv Alliance to offer additional scholarships for Black improv students each term as part of the 100 Black Improvisers initiative. This initiative has a goal of bringing in 100 new Black improvisers into the improv community by July 2021. We plan to continue this scholarship throughout the remainder of the year. In accepting the scholarship, the improv student will also be virtually connected to the BIA who supports improvisers across the world. If you meet the eligibility requirements below, please submit your application using the form below or e-mail amy@thecomedyproject.com expressing your interest!

Eligibility Requirements for the 100 Black Improvisers Scholarship via the BIA:

-Be Black. 

-Be 18 or over

-Be interested in learning improv. 

-Be available to attend classes and attend regularly with a willingness to learn (Attendance below 75% may get you removed from the program). 

-Have never taken a formal Improv 101 class before (drop-ins are ok!)

-Agree to follow all Rules & Codes of Conduct at the theater with which you are matched.

Scholarship Application Form


    Women in Comedy ScholarshipDiversity in Comedy ScholarshipPlain Ol' Broke Scholarship100 Black Improvisers Scholarship