Financial Assistance

TCPTCP offers scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition for one class or 50% off two classes taken in sequence. We are looking for students with diverse backgrounds whose financial situation would make it difficult or impossible to study at TCPTCP otherwise. A minimum of 1 per scholarship category will be awarded each term.

We accept applications all year round.

Term 2 Applications are due by April 23rd. Any applications received after April 23rd will be considered for the following term.

We are currently offering the Diversity in Comedy Scholarship for anyone from a diverse multicultural background, the Women in Comedy scholarship for anyone who identifies as a woman, and the Plain Ol’ Broke Scholarship for anyone who identifies as crazy poor. Please click on the link below to apply for one of these amazing scholarships.

You may be considered for one of the other scholarships at our discretion.  


Women in Comedy ScholarshipDiversity in Comedy ScholarshipPlain Ol' Broke Scholarship