TCPTCP – Stand Up

Perfect timing, bold character choices, finding your voice…these are tools that can be used by performers inside and outside of the comedic sphere. Our Stand Up Comedy classes provide students with comprehensive curriculums that challenge our students in a safe and supportive environment.

STANDUP 101: Have you ever wanted to try stand up comedy but didn’t know how to get started? Then this is the class for you! This eight week class will introduce you to joke writing, material development, finding your comedic voice, and plenty of discussion to prepare you on how to navigate the comedy open mic scene.

STANDUP 202 (Prerequisite-Standup 101): This eight week class will help guide students and push them to experiment with different types of joke writing, material development and zeroing in on your comedic voice as well as professional tips as you enter the comedy scene. We will start to explore what it means to craft a set, what it means to “always be writing”, and how to create/find segues from one part of your material to another. All while encouraging them to get on as many stages as they can through the class.

STANDUP 303 (Prerequisite – Standup 101&202): Students will be challenged to both always be writing new material and to stop writing new material in order to polish existing material. We get the contradiction there and we’ll all learn to live within it. We will also experiment with “crowd work” and how that can inform your material and/or “character”.

Please note it is never mandatory for an individual or troupe to take classes at The Comedy Project before performing and COM performers do not need to pay for stage time. If you are only interested in the performance aspect, please contact Comedy Outlet Mondays directly to get your stage time setup.