TCPTCP – Comedy Performance

Perfect timing, bold character choices, finding your voice…these are tools that can be used by performers inside and outside of the comedic sphere. Our Comedy Performance classes provide students with comprehensive curriculums that challenge our students in a safe and supportive environment.

Stand Up 101: Have you ever wanted to try stand up comedy but didn’t know how to get started? Then Stand Up 101 is the class for you! This four week class will introduce you to joke writing, material development, finding your comedic voice, and plenty of discussion to prepare you on how to navigate the comedy open mic scene.

Final Act Coached Ensemble: The Final Act Coached Ensemble class is an opportunity for students to get their work on stage under the guidance of an experienced comedy coach. The class meets on Monday evenings from 6pm-7pm to learn and workshop material, watches Comedy Outlet Monday together from approximately 7pm-8pm and then puts up their work in the last ~15 minutes of COM. Examples of the type of work that might be put up include improvisation, sketches, stand up, musical acts, puppetry, and experimental comedy. Material will be created together in class. Students who enroll should be open to both writing and/or performing, depending on what the ensemble needs.

The prerequisite for this class is completion of one level of classes at The Comedy Project or a different comedy training institution.

Please note it is never mandatory for an individual or troupe to take classes at The Comedy Project before performing and COM performers do not need to pay for stage time. If you are only interested in the performance aspect, please contact Comedy Outlet Mondays directly to get your stage time setup.

Fall Class Sign-up is closed.

Stay tuned for new, big, fun in Jan. 2022!