TCPTCP – Comedy Performance

Perfect timing, bold character choices, finding your voice…these are tools that can be used by actors inside and outside of the comedic sphere. Our Comedy Performance classes provide students with comprehensive curriculums that challenge our students in a safe and supportive environment, with opportunities to perform on stage at The Comedy Project.

Level One (De-Programming): Students learn the fundamentals and elements of comedic performance in a playful, group environment. Level one also explores the technical aspects of performing as well as the building blocks of vocal, physical, and emotional expression, listening, agreement, making choices, and working in an ensemble.

Level Two (Software Update): Students build off the skills they learned from level one and apply them to different areas of script analysis, storytelling, and comedic acting in 2 person scenes, group scenes and monologues.

Level Three (Diagnostics): Students  concentrate on grounded scene work and playing the truth in scenes.  Individualized feedback is provided to challenge and grow the student’s range while the comedic rehearsal process is further explored.

Level Four (Overclocking): Students work with the writing classes to create a polished revue that includes creating new content, participating in table reads and individualized feedback, and working as an ensemble to create a polished show.


2 hours/class
8-week classes/term
Max Class Size: 15

Regular price $200, early bird price $175! That’s just $21.88 per class! $8.75 per hour! Less than the cost of 5 cups of coffee (depending on the coffee)!

Don’t tell the robots.

Registration goes up to $200 on Sunday January 5th at midnight

Last day to register is Friday, January 17th

2020 Term 1 Performance Classes

Performance 1: Sundays 3:30-5:30pm (Jan. 19-Mar. 8)

Sunday Class Dates

Week 1 January 19

Week 2 January 26

Week 3 February 2

Week 4 February 9

Week 5 February 16

Week 6 February 23

Week 7 March 1

Week 8 March 8