How the show works

STEP 1 - Someone is selected to be the V.I.P. for the night. That person might be a company president,
service award winner or simply someone who should be recognized. The person can also be chosen at
random at the event as a surprise.
STEP 2 - That person is then interviewed, on stage, in a very informal, casual, non-threatening but
VERY FUNNY way. This segment is often just as laugh-filled as what follows. There is no pressure on
the VIP to actually be funny. That's what we're there for. Interview typically lasts approximately 15
STEP 3 - We discover and celebrate things people might not know about them. For example, with the
mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, we never even touched on his political career. We find out about
their childhood, best friends, old jobs, etc... Finally, they provide the hypothetical title for the play or
movie of their life. For example, "I Thought It Would Be Easier."
STEP 4 – The VIP is escorted back to their seat and the comedians announce that they are about to
present the first and last performance of "I Thought It Would Be Easier."
STEP 5 – A 25-35 minute improvised version of the VIP's life based on the information from the

This show has been tremendously effective and has been fail safe since it's inception because unlike
many other "improvised" programs, this one ends up being TRULY customized. Plus, unlike many
other "customized" programs, this one ALWAYS works because since everyone is there for the
interview portion, everyone is in on ALL of the jokes.

The show features comedians who have performed all over the world with The Second City and other
reputable improv companies.

Past VIPs include Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell, pastor and author Rob Bell, news journalist
Suzanne Geha, former U.S. Rep. Vern Ehlers, Kent county coroner and author Stephen Cohle, radio personality
Kevin Matthews, movie critic John Gonzalez, Musician Ralston Bowles, Community Organizer Amber Kilpatrick, Randy Finch from The Food Network's "Ice Brigade", publicist extraordinaire Emily Richett, and more!

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