The Comedy Project is a comedy umbrella. A comedian safe haven for multiple comedy ideas to grow. The Comedy Project was formed in 1999 as a way to help organize the growing comedy projects of comedian, actor and writer Joe Anderson/Schanderson(It's a long story) and fellow comedian, actor and writer Demian Krentz. Joe Anderson and Demian Krentz made the feature length movie Living with the Fosters which won "Best Feature Film" at the East Lansing Film Festival and played to capacity crowds at film festivals and screenings. But you've never probably never heard of it. Copies are still available for purchase. You'll love it.

Fake Letters is a book and play written by Joe Anderson and Demian Krentz currently in pre-production with The Comedy Project. It is a collection of letters written during the Civil War era by two fictional brothers.

Joe Anderson performs comedy all over the country with The Comedy Project. Usually in about 30 states each year on the We Can Make You Laugh National Comedy Tour and at tons of other clubs and theaters. When he's not telling jokes and playing funny, little songs on his guitar, he works on films and commercials. Some of the films and commercials are great. Many of them are not. It's a numbers game...

Demian Krentz still does comedy but makes his moolah being a big shot motion graphics guy in Chicago, IL. Believe me, you've seen his stuff. And you haven't seen or heard the last from this hilarious comedian and actor.

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